Winter Preparation

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With winter finally upon us it is important to take the time to walk around your home and evaluate areas that may need some attention. In this video we sit down with Rob from RMC construction to talk about some areas around your home that may be commonly over looked. A little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way. Not to mention it is always cheaper to prevent a problem than to pay for a problem!

Here is a simple checklist mentioned in the video that anyone can do before summer hits us full force!

– Check your outdoor faucets and look for shut offs in the basement to prevent them from freezing.
– Clean HVAC unit filters
– Check seals on windows and doors for cracks or tears in weather stripping to prevent heat loss
– Check dryer vents and heating unit vents to make sure they are obstruction free.
– Clean debris away from AC condensers and cover units with recommended covers to prevent ice or snow from accumulating in the unit.
– Have a snow shovel and Ice melt ready. Making sure your buy the right product for the right job around the house.

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